Introduction To Freestyler

Freestyler™ offers a unique way of exercising which allows the body to perform natural, everyday free-flowing movements. It was designed by experts in the field of sports training to achieve desired results in a simple and effective way.

Freestyler™ is the smallest portable gym in the world providing countless exercise options.

The Freestyler™ Super Toning System is used by fitness professionals around the world. It’s safe, fun, effective and offers great results for your clients. Using this system allows the workload to be spread among different muscle groups, making the whole body toned, strong and supple.


Improved Posture


Core Stability


Full Body Workout

The practical mobility and value of Freestyler™ combined with the Functional Dynamics™ exercise system makes a great use of progressive elastic resistance to give a safe, versatile and effective method of training – setting it apart from other popular fitness equipment.

The Functional Dynamics™ exercise system has its roots in functional resistance training, which mainly involves weight bearing activities targeted at core muscles of the abdomen and lower back.

Most fitness facilities have a variety of weight training machines which target and isolate specific muscles. As a result the movements do not necessarily bear any relationship to the movements people would make in their regular activities or sport. The Functional Dynamics™ exercise system enables such resistance training to mirror the natural activity of the body. It leads to better muscular balance and joint stability and emphasises its natural ability to move in three anatomical planes of motion.

Freestyler™ and the Functional Dynamics™ exercise system integrates functional multi-axis movements, elements of PNF techniques, different types of muscle contractions, proprioceptive workouts, synchronised whole body movements and much more – all contained in simple, safe and efficient workout routines.

The exercises are intended for all fitness levels, from beginner to advanced. Different programmes enable various uses of the Freestyler™, from existing sports training regimes, prechoreographed group fitness to music, advanced rehabilitation after an injury, and enhancement of Pilates techniques.

A toning system that combines a training device and an extensive spectrum of workout programs & support.