Luke Meessmann

Exercise Physiologist

The Freestyler system is a brilliantly versatile and mobile piece of exercise equipment. Definitely, a must have in any personal trainer’s toolkit.


Jeanette Triegaardt

Pilates Specialist

Freestyler helps to strengthen core muscles with functional, multi-axial exercises with the added resistance and distraction of using cables. An excellent piece of equipment for a Pilates instructor.


Eva Karafiatova

Fitness professional

Freestyler is a great new way of training not only for group exercise but also for personal trainers, Pilates specialists, physiotherapists and dancers. A functional way of training is the new approach to training all over the world and Freestyler can offer exactly that! It’s a great tool for toning and strengthening with an element of fun!


Viktoria Illes

Fitness Instructor

I fell in love with Freestyler the first time I used it! Once on the board and strapped in even the simplest moves meet with resistance, so no matter what you do, you’re getting a step closer to a stronger, fitter You!